Renzo Vianello

Born in Venice in 1948, Vianello too began working when he was very young, trying many different things to be economically independent.

At the age of 20, having already seen the world on board of a ship, he turned down a good job in the field of navigation to join his brother and work in glass factory in Murano. It is in this very important and famous furnace, Archimede Seguso’s, that Vianello discovers his passion for glass making.

In particular, Vianello was interested in the postproduction techniques that give glass objects their final, fascinating and mysterious aspect. Most of his knowledge was actually self-taught and the result of the continuous intuitions and overcome challenges.

Vianello worked in various factories always increasing his experience but never fully satisfied. The tools employed to smooth and sometimes redefine the glass shapes have no secrets for him.

Ultimately, Vianello began working with a very difficult and demanding master, Livio Seguso, a true purist. After only four days, Vianello was in charge of the whole “moleria”, as it is called that area of a glass factory where the glass production is polished and made as shining as we know it. Livio Seguso, a man and an artist who has always measured his words of praise, personally thanked Vianello in various occasions, writing notes to express his appreciation for the help he received in the realization of some of the most important exhibitions in his artistic career.

Pursuing his dream of independence, Vianello left Livio Seguso and with Elio Raffaeli and Roberto Cammozzo he founded Ars Murano.