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Gina Nahlè Bauer
  -    -  Gina Nahlè Bauer

Gina Nahlè Bauer

Born in Beyrouth in 1958, lives in Germany. Education: Fine Arts, Beirut University College, 1979-1981 Gina Nahlè Bauer was born into a family of artists. His father, Wajih Nahlè, is one of Lebanon’s most famous painters. She is a painter and sculptress with a heated and passionate character and “the Universe Woman” imposes itself in all its expressions. Red is the dominant color to represent it, on the other hand men identify themselves in the cold and pale colors of blues and grays. The warmth of female feelings and masculine coldness – the expression of unified contrasts – the man and the woman reunited, this is how the artist sees the human being. Her message of warmth and passion changes colors in expressing herself with glass that inspires sensitivity and delicacy. Transparency like water of matter calms the fire of its vital energy to lead it into more subtle colors that rediscover a sweetly sensual woman. In “L’Union” the woman is limpid and simple transparency dressed in nudity, while in “Famme Chapeau” she is dressed in her charming elegance and coquettishness.