Cristiano Toso

Cristiano Toso was born in Venice on March the 7th, 1971.

He always lived in Murano, the famous island of the glass.

Very young, at age 14, left the school and immediately entered in the famous furnace of Pino Signoretto. There remains only one week because the great teacher needed a big and strong guy to be helped in achieving his majestic works. Cristiano is a very tall and skinny guy, he can’t yet compete with anyone in the studio of the famous Signoretto, even as an assistant.

He has neither the experience nor the necessary strength.

Cristiano works a few years in the popular Seguso Vetri d’Arte furnace.

He begins his training. Here all the creations are elegant and of refined taste.

He serves good and experienced teachers, mainly in the production of beautiful lamps, chandeliers, vases, cups, glasses, sculptures.

The factory became the school of his life. He learned the secrets and the traditions of the Murano’s crystal glass.

The pilgrimage from one factory to another is an integral part in the formation of any glazier. He gradually learns different techniques and processes, admiring the dexterity of the various masters. The sum of the experiences forms the artist.

In Mirco D’Este, Cristiano recognized his real teacher. Explored the technique of the “Watermark” and the “Zanfirico”, producing small valuables finely crafted as respecting the ancient school of the Murano island.

In Berto Mattiello’s factory, well known as “Jeremia’s” factory, he produced glasses and little goblets as light as air, elegant vases, prestigious collections. A light work of precision. He enriched his knowledge and skill. His sensitive nature lends himself to this work of art.

Before 2000 Cristiano arrives at Ars Murano srl. With the masters Roberto Cammozzo, Elio Raffaeli and Mariano Moro he lands in the world of the modern art glass, the “solid glass”.

The pieces are very heavy and massive, requiring strength and physical performance as well as love in the implementation. Now Cristiano is ready to fly.

Currently Cristiano Toso is “Glass Master” at Ars Murano srl. He lives with his family and works in the island of Murano.