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Cristiano Toso

Glass Master

Cristiano Toso was born in Venice on March the 7th, 1971.

He always lived in Murano, the famous island of the glass.

Very young, at age 14, left the school and immediately entered in the famous furnace of Pino Signoretto. There remains only one week because the great teacher needed a big and strong guy to be helped in achieving his majestic works. Cristiano is a very tall and skinny guy, he can’t yet compete with anyone in the studio of the famous Signoretto, even as an assistant.

He has neither the experience nor the necessary strength.

Cristiano works a few years in the popular Seguso Vetri d’Arte furnace.

He begins his training. Here all the creations are elegant and of refined taste.

He serves good and experienced teachers, mainly in the production of beautiful lamps, chandeliers, vases, cups, glasses, sculptures.

The factory became the school of his life. He learned the secrets and the traditions of the Murano’s crystal glass.

The pilgrimage from one factory to another is an integral part in the formation of any glazier. He gradually learns different techniques and processes, admiring the dexterity of the various masters. The sum of the experiences forms the artist.

In Mirco D’Este, Cristiano recognized his real teacher. Explored the technique of the “Watermark” and the “Zanfirico”, producing small valuables finely crafted as respecting the ancient school of the Murano island.

In Berto Mattiello’s factory, well known as “Jeremia’s” factory, he produced glasses and little goblets as light as air, elegant vases, prestigious collections. A light work of precision. He enriched his knowledge and skill. His sensitive nature lends himself to this work of art.

Before 2000 Cristiano arrives at Ars Murano srl. With the masters Roberto Cammozzo, Elio Raffaeli and Mariano Moro he lands in the world of the modern art glass, the “solid glass”.

The pieces are very heavy and massive, requiring strength and physical performance as well as love in the implementation. Now Cristiano is ready to fly.

Currently Cristiano Toso is “Glass Master” at Ars Murano srl. He lives with his family and works in the island of Murano.

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The Master is an expression of Murano glass art: centuries-old traditions, top quality materials, creativity and ability to use glass come together in the sculptures made by Maestro Toso in Ars Murano.

Some works of the Master


Achille D'Este

Glass Master

D’Este Achille was born in Burano, an island in the Venetian lagoon, famous for fishing, on February 21, 1961.

Since he was a child, he has lived on this fishing island, known for its small brightly colored houses, its precious lace and good fish.

Already at an early age, at the age of 9, during the summer, instead of going to the beach after school, he went with his father to work in the glassworks on the nearby island of Murano, known worldwide for its tradition and glassmaking skills.

A little obliged, a little curious, he takes his first steps in the millennial art of glass.

At 11 years of age he definitively ends compulsory school and enters the world of work, in Murano, in a glass factory.

The first master glassmaker for Achille, who will introduce him to the creative world of Murano artistic glass, is Rodolfo Morucchio, known by the nickname “scaeta”.

Like many before he goes from factory to factory and learns different techniques

Creativity and love for drawing will become precious tools for Achille and one day they will help him but the road is long. A road made of service,
observation, physical effort, concentration and a lot of sacrifice.

The most important factories for its training were the Schiavon glassworks, the Ferro & Lazzarini glassworks, briefly the factory of the master Livio Seguso, and lastly the Ars Murano srl glassworks with the masters Roberto Cammozzo, Elio Raffaeli and his brother Moro Mariano.

Currently D’Este Achille is a teacher at “Ars Murano srl” and lives in Eraclea mare.

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Experience and Passion

The experience of years of work and learning of the Murano glass technique and dedication to art lead the master Achille to create unique and original works.

The master at work


Renzo Vianello

Molatore Master

Born in Venice in 1948, Vianello too began working when he was very young, trying many different things to be economically independent.

At the age of 20, having already seen the world on board of a ship, he turned down a good job in the field of navigation to join his brother and work in glass factory in Murano. It is in this very important and famous furnace, Archimede Seguso’s, that Vianello discovers his passion for glass making.

In particular, Vianello was interested in the postproduction techniques that give glass objects their final, fascinating and mysterious aspect. Most of his knowledge was actually self-taught and the result of the continuous intuitions and overcome challenges.

Vianello worked in various factories always increasing his experience but never fully satisfied. The tools employed to smooth and sometimes redefine the glass shapes have no secrets for him.

Ultimately, Vianello began working with a very difficult and demanding master, Livio Seguso, a true purist. After only four days, Vianello was in charge of the whole “moleria”, as it is called that area of a glass factory where the glass production is polished and made as shining as we know it. Livio Seguso, a man and an artist who has always measured his words of praise, personally thanked Vianello in various occasions, writing notes to express his appreciation for the help he received in the realization of some of the most important exhibitions in his artistic career.

Pursuing his dream of independence, Vianello left Livio Seguso and with Elio Raffaeli and Roberto Cammozzo he founded Ars Murano.

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The passion for Murano glass and art leads Maestro Vianello to create majestic, inimitable, visionary abstract sculptures.

The master at work